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    Cooperative values + Shared resources + Open communities + participative governance = GNPC



  • What is GNPC

    The project seeks to develop a prototype for a true colaborative economy. The vision is to help create a digital commons that can be replicated in any territory. If a global network could be forged binding together local networks, a real new civic ecosystem could be born.


    The GNPC is a cooperative collaborative system that combines physical and digital resources. It is formed by a large virtual market of 12 digital cooperative platforms, a complementary local currency (NEXOS), a network of community physical spaces (Civic Factory) and a team of sectorial and territorial dynamizers (Connectors)


    Collaborative Platforms + NEXOS + Civic Factory + Connectors = GNPC




    GNPC's Digital Platforms form a network of local collaborative platforms owned and managed by the users/prosumers who bring their resources, capabilities and experience to them.

    They form a great digital market that allows us to access the contacts and make the exchanges through which we meet our demands and needs of food, spaces, care, mobility, training, ...

    They work in a similar way to large corporate digital platforms but, unlike these platforms, the GNPC platforms:

    • Belong to those who bring them value, to those who share through them, their resources and capabilities. The wealth generated in the territory remains in the territory.
    • Charge for intermediation services only the commissions necessary to cover their maintenance. For this reason, they allow us to access lower prices to the products and services that you find in other platforms.
    • Help strengthen community ties. They connect us to our closest environment and our neighbours.
    • Distribute their benefits equitably among their members.
    • Are managed democratically.
    • Do not use our data for commercial purposes.



    The GNPC allows the use of complementary currency NEXOS in transactions that include some type of money exchange.

    The combination of local platforms and a community currency allows:

    • Reduce the cost in euros of the services and products offered by fixing a part of the price in NEXOS as a discount. We pay less in euros because we pay a discount on NEXOS. The receiver of the NEXOS can use them to make transactions with other users. This possibility of lowering prices without undermining the ability to trade allows to compete with large global businesses.
    • Generate a complementary economic flow in local currency that reinforces the dynamism of the local economies that create the platforms. NEXOS can only be used in our territory. Accumulating them is meaningless because they lose value over time. If there is significant supply and demand in NEXOS, the possibilities of exchange in our local markets increase.
    • Increase the purchasing power of users. The scarcity of euros will not be an impediment to participate in the exchanges. In addition, the NEXOS incorporate a basic community income that allows to maintain some capacity of purchase in the system.

    Civic Factory

    The Civic Factory is a network of open and collaborative spaces in which people with different knowledge and degrees of specialization come together to develop projects together.


    The Civic Factory has the following objectives:

    • That people can develop their capacities in projects that benefit the common good and contribute to social inclusion.
    • To respond to the need for face-to-face communication, since digital networks can not supply the power of direct contact.
    • Explore in the physical space of cities the new forms of collective action that are emerging in the network.
    • Make visible the idea that cities are built by people.
    • Shorten the distance between people and institutions. Encourage citizens to be involved in the design of public policies.
    • That companies have spaces to learn and share their knowledge. Companies are open systems that must include in their development their communities of customers, users and affected.
    • Enable spaces for the development of community projects.
    • Promote spaces where universities and schools can exchange knowledge, be more permeable to citizen problems and incorporate non-expert knowledge. Spaces where to experiment new models of learning and production of knowledge.
    • Provide participatory and open spaces for projects that seek to solve social and cultural problems and whose solutions can be part of public policies.


    Connectors are people who help energize the communities that participate in the platforms. They connect the needs and problems they detect in their territories or areas of action with the people who can meet them and solve them. For this, they receive specific training that allows them to know the methodologies and practices of the collaborative and procommunity economies.


    The sectorial connectors focus their activity on a particular area: food, mobility, care, production, culture ...


    The territorial connectors energize the GNPC system in a given territory.

  • How it works



    Register on the platform (or platforms) that solves your problem or that fits your product or service offer


    Post a listing

    Publica tus anuncios informativos o de ofertas o contacta con los anunciantes que satisfacen tus demandas o requerimientos



    Paga o cobra desde la plataforma, usando Paypal o la plataforma de NEXOS, o contacta directamente con el vendedor o comprador

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